Tuesday, May 19, 2009

blah blah blah tradeables!

brett myers rookie
2009 topps shane victorino
fred lynn in action
bucky dent in action
ron guidry in action
rod carew in action
rollie fingers in action
tony perez in action
george brett in action
rich gossage in action
1990 donruss kevin mitchell all star
1991 upper deck kirby puckett
1991 upper deck greg maddux
1991 upper deck jose canseco
1990 ryne sandberg
jamie moyer score 1991
greg maddux 1991 score
barry bonds 1991 score
1988 topps roger mcdowell
1988 topps bo diaz
score 1992 edgar martinez
1978 topps oscar gamble
any doubles i have of 1990 score
1982 ron guidry
2004 upper deck cc sabathia
---------------------------stuff i want in return----------------------
chris coste rookie
barry larkin cards
any turkey reds
game used cards(wink wink)(nervous laugh........)(ill give u all these for 1 game used).....
tim lincecum rookie........wink wink!!!!!twitchy eye!
craig biggio rookie

Monday, May 11, 2009

2 new tradeables

2 nolan ryan 1977 topps book value $30 and there are 2 so make a reasonable offer.
1970 topps bob lemon
2005 jason bay rookie cup
2003 topps brett myers rookie
1995 nomar garciaparra top prospects die cut
dave morehead 1970 topps
dave righetti 1983 fleer rookie?
2004 upper deck cc sabathia
1978 topps tommy john
2001 upper deck hoyt wilhelm with g/u piece?

Saturday, May 9, 2009


greg maddux topps 2003
frank thomas topps 2003
sammy sosa topps 2003
dave conception fleer 1981
jason varitek topps 2007
bernie williams 1990 bowman rookie reprint
dave henderson rookie
pat burrell fleer 2004 classic clippings #ed/150 (81/150)
john thomson topps 2006 gold 443/2006
(8) 1991 wax packs
1987 topps barry larkin
2004 donruss classics barry larkin
topps 1992 ivan rodriguez rookie cup
fleer 1991 ivan rodriguez rookie
chipper jones rookie revue